Conditions reports

Thank you to all the snow conditions reporters who provide these updates for us.

White Grass

Skiing on the last of the last today. A good season for the xc operation and not so good for snow days. Looking forward to cleaning the trails up and getting ready for next winter. Same bat time same bat station. Enjoy all the warmer outdoor activities and be ready to ski whenever it snows again. Cheers Everyone! chip
Chip Chase7:26 am 28 March 2019All reports for White Grass

Laurel Ridge

Looks like 5" for the ridge! The ground is very wet and temps will be above freezing today. Bring your rock skis and maxi glide, should be skiable all morning! The upper hut is open with a bathroom and woodstove.
Erica Smith7:54 am 23 March 2019All reports for Laurel Ridge

Laurel Mountain

The snow might be gone but the trails are still there. Laurel Mountain trails are beautiful in the spring especially when the laurel begins to bloom which is normally towards the end of May. We had a great year of skiing with old and new friends and look forward to seeing them throughout the year. We are fortunate to have such an active community at Laurel mountain and thank everyone for their volunteer time. Throughout the spring, summer, and fall there will be trail maintenance work days with the Laurel Mountain Volunteer Group(LMVG) that will be announced on this homepage and our PACCSA Facebook page. This is the opportunity to give back to the trail system. Thank you and we'll see you on the trails.
Bruce Cox9:48 am 19 March 2019All reports for Laurel Mountain

Crystal Lake Ski Center

Due to the rise in temperatures and lack of snow we are CLOSED for the immediate future.Thank you for your patience. 
Becca DeNicholas3:02 pm 14 March 2019All reports for Crystal Lake Ski Center

Wilderness Lodge

Roger Janes8:18 am 9 March 2019All reports for Wilderness Lodge

North Woods

Snow and cold temps throughout the week have helped to maintain good conditions in the North Woods but temps are rising quickly - get out early for best conditions today and hopefully the frozen base will hold up through the weekend for springlike skiing tomorrow.
Frank Delose7:48 am 9 March 2019All reports for North Woods

Kooser State Park

The trails have been groomed at Kooser! With a solid base and powder on top conditions are excellent.
Nate Hardic3:36 pm 7 March 2019All reports for Kooser State Park

Oil Creek State Park

The snow is everywhere but here. We received 3" over 0" base so we do not have enough snow to pack or groom. Skiing may be possible with old "rock" skis and caution for downed trees.
Margaret Sims8:27 am 4 March 2019All reports for Oil Creek State Park