19 Volunteers Help Out at Second Laurel Ridge Trail Clear!

November 16th was a chilly day, but a light blanket of snow made for a beautiful backdrop.  A record total of nineteen PACCSA volunteers made the trip to the Laurel Highlands to participate in the second trail clear of 2014.  Tons of wood was moved and stacked at both warming huts, drains and culverts were cleared of debris, and the trails were swept one final time for fallen limbs.  Laurel Ridge is ready to go!  All we need now is a big dump of snow!

Andy Smith, Erica Smith and Bob Ruppel from the Ski Concession provided the volunteers with a hearty lunch including homemade chili, burgers and hot dogs.  Probably the best part of the day was catching up with old friends and swapping ski stories in the warming hut while filling up on lunch.  Each volunteer earned a complimentary trail ticket for Laurel Ridge, and the names of everyone who helped out at the October and November Laurel Ridge trail clears will be entered into a prize raffle for items from Patagonia, Swix, Atomic, and more.  The Ski Concession plans to hold the raffle on opening day (when there's enough snow for skiing) and will notify the winners via e-mail.  

PACCSA thanks the following volunteers for making the November trail clear a successful event:

Jim Anglin, Bill Askin, Kevin Craig, Amy Dana, Neal Dana, Norb Duritsa, James Fenn, Dave Helwig, Naomi Jarvis, Hop Kruper, Kelly Kruper, Chuck Nash, Christina Price, Kelly Rosche, Bill Rosche, Sally Smales, Jim South, Matthew South, and Traci Torrence.