Conditions reports

Thank you to all the snow conditions reporters who provide these updates for us.

White Grass

Shoveling and grooming with over half the mountain open with thin cover and bare patches. Fast conditions! Trails that are open are 0"-5" with bomber base and an inch of new snow, a notch above dust on crust skiing. Have a great weekend as it warms up.
Chip Chase6:13 am 4 February 2023All reports for White Grass

North Woods

Conditions remain pretty good with a few inches of new powder through the past week, including about an inch early morning yesterday. Very cold temperatures have frozen up most of the wet spots and dried things up a bit. It's still very cold this morning - around 3 F - but the winds have calmed and it will be generally sunny today with temperatures rising to the low 30's by mid-day. The moon is also about 98% full so, finally good trail conditions coincident with a full moon if you'd like to get in some night skiing! Conditions should hold up through the weekend and Monday but rising temperatures and rain forecast again for next week ... looks like this is the weekend to get out.
Frank Delose5:27 am 4 February 2023All reports for North Woods

Laurel Mountain

10° and windy. Better skiing than yesterday!! About an inch of new, fluffy snow. Ground frozen. Still a tad thin but definitely doable. Hill on Interstate is good. Trails to Wolfe's are skiable and fun. Decent coverage.
Denny McDonough12:17 pm 3 February 2023All reports for Laurel Mountain

Laurel Ridge

We were able to keep 70% of the base from last weekend with a few fresh inches this week. The ground is finally frozen with another fresh inch over night. We are able to groom, trails are nicely covered however we are not able to set track. Next week looks warm and rainy so get up here this weekend! OPEN THROUGH MONDAY 9-5pm.
Erica Smith9:46 am 3 February 2023All reports for Laurel Ridge