Conditions reports

Thank you to all the snow conditions reporters who provide these updates for us.

White Grass

Short season that lingered into mid April with 62 skiable days and about 110" of snow. Still lots of excited new skiers that want to try our sport. Lessons and rentals every day along with our 420 season passers. We've been busier than ever in our 40th season in Canaan Valley. Gear is hard to find yet we are hoping to be able to sell some of our fleet next fall and continue with our trade for free youth gear program. Until we all pull the skis out again have a wonderful summer and see you out on snowy terrain before you know it. Thanks and cheers!
Chip Chase7:48 am 11 April 2022All reports for White Grass

North Woods

Good morning - It started out very wet yesterday morning but, by evening, we had accumulated a few inches of dry snow. Very cold this morning with gusty winds up to 35 mph forecast for today and continued snow - possibly another 4 inches. Grassier trails of the NW should be decent today to take advantage of the Spring surprise Winter encore. Most of the trails are clear of fallen trees - there's a pretty large tree down near the top of the upper North Woods loop as you begin to descend along the Galecrest border but, it's passable.
Frank Delose5:55 am 27 March 2022All reports for North Woods

Blue Knob

Golf Course was grommed this morning. No ice. A few thin spots. Might be the last ski of the season. Enjoy!
Joyce Grow10:35 am 13 March 2022All reports for Blue Knob

Laurel Mountain

6 to 8" . Groomed upper trails without tracks. Few wet spots that icing over. Thin in some areas, so few rocks poking thru. Two areas need ski side of the trail a some. Warming hut parking lot plowed. Fair conditions for last weekend sking.
Bob Mazur2:30 pm 12 March 2022All reports for Laurel Mountain

Oil Creek State Park

Dear XC Ski Friends, Sun Valley Nordic is done for the season but we wanted to thank you for your support this winter. We had a good run for a few weeks and were glad to see everyone. Last night we received 4-5" of snow. Not enough to groom on wet ground and we suspect there will be a bunch of branches and possibly trees blown down. You are on your own to enjoy spring skiing if you can. See you next winter!
Margaret Sims8:26 am 12 March 2022All reports for Oil Creek State Park

Crystal Lake Ski Center

Closed until further notice due to inadequate trail conditions Due to inadequate trail conditions, we will be closed until further notice for skiing and snowshoeing. If we are able to reopen at some point in the remainder of the season, we will post an update. It has been a great season. A big shout out to our trail groomers for working so hard to maintain great trail conditions. And thank you to everyone who has come out to enjoy our property this winter and share in the joy of winter activities! We look forward to seeing everyone again very soon.
Logan Landry12:07 pm 4 March 2022All reports for Crystal Lake Ski Center

Kooser State Park

Hello - no specific reports from Kooser but I'd expect coverage to be decent even after the mild temperatures and sun we had this week n- but very soft and wet. We were spared the rain and received about an inch+ of new snow overnight - surface conditions remain decent but conditions underneath remain wet - the tracks will likely compact and be OK but freeze hard with the forecast falling temperatures.
Frank Delose8:37 am 12 February 2022All reports for Kooser State Park

Laurel Ridge

OPEN FRIDAY-MONDAY 9-5pm Trails are fully covered with 4-6” base. Some track is set and skating lanes are groomed. We are expecting snow late tonight into tomorrow which will give us another fantastic weekend of skiing.
Erica Smith9:07 am 11 February 2022All reports for Laurel Ridge

Wilderness Lodge

We may have been discovered... Last season, over one weekend we had skiers from Michigan, Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC and Brooklyn NY. Conditions were excellent. We are looking forward to seeing you soon at Wilderness Lodge.
Roger Janes10:53 am 5 December 2021All reports for Wilderness Lodge