Ski Orienteering

Sun 29 Jan 2017
Laurel Ridge State Park, PA

Ski orienteering event organized by WPOC.  Rescheduled from Jan 22 to 29.

Three courses will be offered at the event:  short (1.8 km), medium (3.5 km), and long (5.2 km). 

Registration and start are from 10 am to 1 pm, inside the smaller warming hut.  Skiers must return to the finish by 2.30pm.

Map fee is $6 for non-members of WPOC (one fee per map, maps can be shared between a group wishing to ski together) and the usual trail fees must be paid to the concession (in the larger warming hut).

There is no charge for instruction in using the map and compass and no charge for instruction in cross country skiing from Naomi at 11am - try to be there 10:30 am if you need rental equipment and instruction.