PACCSA Ski Lesson

Sat 08 Feb 2014
Laurel Ridge State Park, PA

PACCSA Ski Lesson - Laurel Ridge State Park XC Ski Center - 1.00pm

No registration is necessary. The meeting point is the flat area beside the concession building.

The lesson takes about an hour.  Instruction is given on the basic skills of classic nordic skiing - falling and rising, balance drills, diagonal stride, use of poles and also hill technique. This is followed by short trek on the trails to practice these skills, and to provide an opportunity for a little individual coaching. 

The instructors are PACCSA members.  Participants are welcome to join PACCSA, but are not required to do so.

The lesson is free but a trail pass must be purchased from the concession.  For equipment rental, see our gear rentals and retailers page.  For trail fees, see the concession website.