PA Nordic Challenge 2022 #PANordic2022

The PA Nordic Challenge will take place from Jan 1 to Feb 28, 2022.

The PA Nordic Challenge is to complete a number of ski-based activities as described below, making a training log entry for each one. 
Upon successful completion of the challenge, PACCSA members will be rewarded with a special embroidered patch.  

  • Renew your PACCSA membership
  • Contact us to register for the challenge, before February, and look for an email in reply.
  • Perform 8 or more separate training sessions of qualifying activities, each 30 minutes or more.
  • Follow the directions provided by email to make a training log entry for each qualifying workout, no more than 7 days later.
  • Provide a photo to go with each training log entry, as evidence.  You do not need to be in the photo.  
  • An online leaderboard will be generated automatically.  If you don't want your name to be shown, use a nickname. 
  • The qualifying activities are: nordic skiing, rollerskiing, CAT skiing, nordic track, ski-erg, and walking or running with poles.
  • You do not have to do all of these.  
  • Only those performed within the challenge period, Jan 1 to Feb 28, will count towards the challenge.
  • You can log as many workouts as you like, but only 2 per week will count towards the challenge.
  • Optional: post your photos on social media, with hashtag #PANordic2022
  • Upon completion of the challenge, contact us again, tell us your mailing address and celebrate! 

The aim of the challenge is to keep us all focused on keeping active and either cross-country skiing or doing something like it throughout the season, and to have fun.  The photos could be of anything associated with the day's training, provided they are suitable for public viewing.  They will be displayed on the website for motivation and inspiration.   

PA Nordic Challenge 2022

Frick Park, Pittsburgh

Schenley Park


10" of fluff!

A little night skiing

Last roller ski for a while as winter is arriving.

Classic rollerskiing, Corrigan Dr., Pittsburgh

Another indoor workout.

Making tracks at Wilderness

Indoor workout

Skating in the rain

Dodging grass spots very good for agility.

1 inch of snow, but perfectly crusty for skating

Thinking of snow the whole time

Wilderness today. First PA ski for me this season.

Sad Boot. No snow.

Desperate times

Skiers enjoying Huron Meadows Sunday afternoon.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

WHT Trail Outing--Jan. 8

Make a couple piles of snow, spread on 1.5 mile loop, ski on quality snow, Huron Meadows.

My age group Top Ten Frosty Freestyle race, Huron Meadows.

Duff Park Dusk

Uphill practice

Beside the Monongahela

Passo Lavazè

First tracks of 2022!

That tree wasn't there yesterday.

First ski of 2022! Woo-hoo!

At last!

Marcialonga Trail

Hoping for snow soon

Winter time roller Ski, Grove City.

Warm and rainy start to 2022